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Calling all Kingdom Designers!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Have you heard of “WWD” ???

They are The Global Fashion Authority


This is a wake up call for you to take the kingdom of God into this industry!!

“Be not conformed to the patterns of this world. But be transformed by the renewing of your mind!” Romans 12:2

Where are the kingdom of God designers??

I had a strange yet insightful dream last night that pointed to the global fashion design and trend industry. The letters WWD was worn and highlighted on a bracelet, worn by a man in my dream that was of the demonic nature. I was given a “tour” of his domain and in it was all sorts of strange eclectic furniture, decor, and fashion items of different colors. They were very strange. He seemed to change appearances throughout the dream. Like from looking like a regular man to the devil to a deranged man. And his personality shifted with each of the identities. I did not feel afraid of him in my dream. It was like a madman’s lair with weird and random stuff. There was no order, reason or rhyme to his “madness” or surroundings.

We (I was with another but do not know who) was invited in and this man was more than willing to show me around.

Nothing made sense in his place. It was downright CONFUSING!

When I began to “see in the spirit” behind the items, his identity and even the gate posts that were at the entrance of his house he got insistent I was wrong. And tried to tell me a different story. I kept telling him on top of the columns were dark pink gargoyles. I could see them clearly in the Spirit realm. So I took him outside to the gate and columns. We look up and on top of the columns were old green Buddha sculptures not gargoyles. But I saw dark pink gargoyles in the spirit and yet he was insisting I saw what he had put out for the natural eye to see —. As I was leaving he sat down and spoke a few words I do not remember and the bracelet on his wrist was highlighted. It said “WWD”. As I was reading it I began to read in my mind “WWJD” but realized the “J” was missing.

At this point I knew it was my cue to leave. Dreams ends.

I will say that I felt the Spirit of God with me throughout the whole dream. I felt like the spirit of God wanted to INVADE this domain. And that people in that domain could possibly be converted to seeing things God’s way with righteousness and holiness. Yet the deception this man was cultivating and displaying was so thick it took eyes to see in the spirit behind it all. He himself was deceived and because of that he created things that were of a perverted nature. His eye for design was absolutely influenced by demonic spirits. He was also a shape shifter in the dream which confirms the gargoyles.

A gargoyle is usually representational of chaotic evil. Gargoyles are demonic sentients, cunning, and malevolent to the extreme. This explains his whole domain.

So why WWD?

I did not know what that meant so I looked it up. And the letters represent


A global fashion and design industry leader. It is a trade journal considered “THE BIBLE OF FASHION”.

Take a look at the photo below and the words on a publication that promotes “Mr. Normal”. There is nothing normal about this photo or publication.

I knew that the context of the dream aligned with the design and fashion industry. It is a domain of the devil! I believe that this global agenda is aiding the gender identity confusion of our culture and their “forward” fashion is setting the pace for visual mind conditioning. These people decide what goes in stores or online for YOU to buy!

We need kingdom of God designers!! Ones that will not go with the flow or give into the woke culture of fashion and design.

I love fashion and design.

A personal dream I have is to put my art on clothing items and fabric for home decor. I want to put the presence and spirit of God into homes any way I can.

I may design clothes one day— who knows? But I believe it is in my divine dna to do that as a kingdom creative.

I have always had an eye for design but have never liked trends, especially bad ones. Matter of fact - I was more of my own fashion designer growing up.

I would modify or create something I wanted to wear or put in my house. I didn’t like the fashion/decor world telling me what I had to choose from and wear or decorate with. Maybe that is or was you growing up? Maybe you are a “new era trend setter” with good and godly design.

The point of this dream is:

1. To pray regarding the fashion and design industry. We need HEAVEN TO INVADE THIS INDUSTRY!

2. If you are a artist/designer in any way I want to encourage you to get out and go into this mountain of society!! Take your God given creations to the world!!

3. Pray and ask God how you can do that! Pray for wisdom and strategy. Pray for favor and open doors! Pray for the spirit of Daniel even to be able to go into these places of Babylon and govern!

I believe this is a call for the artisans of God to GO and Make an impact in the fashion and design industry!!

Do not be deceived by their schemes and mind conditioning with fashion and design. Believe me “they speak” and carry a demonic nature with them.

Let me give you a little insight. And this is not to condemn anyone.

When The “cross-cross” front straps on blouses and tops/dresses came out I immediately saw the message behind the design. It was a subliminal message for a particular perverted s@xu@l practice. It includes an S and an M…

I saw right through it and never bought into it. Again no condemnation- I’m just educating you on how the industry works.

Another for instance.

Choker necklaces and “dog collar necklaces” as accessories…again the same thing. It equaled BONDAGE. God had me throw away any necklaces that resembled that and we would not allow our daughter to wear them like the other kids.

These are two examples of how the fashion and design industry indoctrinate our lives and closets.

So I plead with you.

DO NOT CONFORM TO THE “FASHION TRENDS” OF THIS WORLD. The majority of them are getting their ideas and designs from the wrong source.

Dionne White


Below is an Image of The WWD‘s Publication cover. We do not support this worldly publication! Thom Browne “Mr.Normal” is the designer who sports strange and “deathly” designs.


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