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“G is for Gloria and Geraniums”

After working for four hours on my BIG Poppy Painting today. I believe it is done. 🎉 And I have been itching to get my watercolors back out. They are so therapeutic for me.  

So tonight I decided to paint some geraniums in memory of my mom. Saturday will be 6 months since she went home to be with the Lord. So I thought I would share a thought or two... As I was LAYING DOWN the water and pigment I couldn’t help but notice it looked like TEARS as it POOLED on the paper . I wasn’t crying but memories WASHED over me like waves. Then I would DAB the pooled water with more pigment to leave behind a stain of FRESH color. I would PICK UP color with a paper towel in places where it was too HEAVY. Once the pigment was deposited I would go back with a CLEAN wet brush to LIFT STAINS AWAY and leave behind a high-LIGHT.  

So many scriptures came to my mind about Jesus and His blood. How He washed us clean. How His burden is easy and His yoke is light. And He leaves behind His peace, His promises and His Light. Tell me art isn’t therapeutic and God can’t speak to us as we co-create... This little piece isn’t done but instead an in progress like my heart in the grieving of my mother.  

She loved geraniums. She loved all flowers. So I joyfully co-create and heal tonight as I reflect on all of His goodness and good memories of her. And like my palette tonight, life can be messy and colorful at the same time. It just depends on how we see it.  

And I want to just say that I am so thankful for the family and friends that God has placed in my life to support, love and pray me through. You are all GOLD 💛 Written by Dionne White 

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