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“Your heart will take you farther than your art”

I was resting yesterday afternoon. I had dropped off my painting at the Art Center, had lunch with some wonderful artist friends, and then was hit with a horrible sickening headache. I even feel the hangover effects of it today. So I was home, on the couch, drapes drawn, ice pack in tow. Silence. I was trying to quiet my mind. The events of the day were running through my mind. Along with thoughts of “what’s next” for me, my art, etc. It was then I heard the whisper. “Your Heart will take you farther than your art” Silence... It came again. “Your heart will take you farther than your art” First I thought - “I do say heart, art then business”. This is kind of my motto. Then I thought to myself “That seems backwards, my heart doesn’t make money...” Then He followed with this.... “Your art will take you places, but not like your heart will. Your gifts will set you before great men. Your art is the vehicle but your heart is in the lead. If your heart is not in the right place then what good is your gift.” This wasn’t God reprimanding me for ill motives or the state of my heart. No, it was Him confirming in me that I WAS on the right path. That I had my priorities straight, that my and His heart was first. I had been feeling a bit like I wasn’t “prospering” enough. All you get when you try harder in the wrong way is T-I-R-E-D! Tired, simply tired. We must be led by wisdom and peace with a healthy dose of discernment to do what He is calling us to do. I know I’m called to paint, to teach, to raise my family, to be a wife, a friend, an encourager, a disciple maker, an echo and equipper of Truth. However He weaves those together for His glory is His choice. We are always trying to “figure out” life. Maybe we aren’t supposed to figure out life. Instead just Live it! Then live it with kingdom principles with our hearts in the right place. It gets so old, real quick dealing with a cut throat world. You want to know the reason I withdraw from life, especially social media, from time to time. To keep my peace and focus. It’s amazing the stuff we have to deal with in life that we don’t even ask for. Self care, heart and head health, is crucial! I am so passionate about this. I’m in NO hurry to go anywhere. Those who know me well know I don’t get in a hurry for much. 😂 That doesn’t mean I can’t rise to the occasion, be spontaneous or have big vision. Over the last few years God has really taught me to slow down. To be in the process of life and in the process of my art. To be in and enjoy the moment. That reminds me of the season of my life I didn’t take any pictures of events, vacations or everyday little things. Which meant no social media selfies or special posts. I felt I was to BE in the moment and enjoy it. I don’t regret it one bit. It taught me a valuable lesson. Try it for a while, I dare you. It had to be God led because I didn’t even have the urge, and I am an avid personal photographer. I came from a mom who took pictures alllllll the time. She treasured memories. But it seems God wants me to hurry up a bit. Lol. I know, His timing is always right. But I do believe we are living in a time of great acceleration. I have felt this for some time now. The supernatural acceleration in many areas of my life is crazy. It’s been going on for 3 years now. Why? I think it’s because I became a determined and willing vessel. He said “I need her so I’m gonna use her!” And you know what, it’s my good pleasure to serve and walk with Him. When He told me that “my heart would take me farther than my art” I felt affirmed by my Father God and such a sense of security at that moment. Cue song “No woman, no cry” 😂 “Everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be alright. Everything’s gonna be alright”🎶🎶 -Ya mon I reflect back and I haven’t always had my priorities straight. (Mainly when I wasn’t saved and serving Him) I try to keep a short leash on my heart with the Lord. Keeping my motives, truth, and convictions in serious check, continually doing internal inventory. Making sure things are lining up with scripture and His heart. So when I heard Him say this I was kind of relieved. Since I had the most important things first that He was going to be faithful to take care of the rest. He does know the plans HE has for me. And my job is to make sure I’m seeking and keeping Him first in all I do. That even includes my art. Everything! Written by Dionne White 

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