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Create for Clarity

Take a “Create for Clarity” Break!

Heaven meets earth painting

Have you ever been so bombarded by things you can’t think straight. What might be a good thing isn’t always the best thing.

So yesterday I was feeling a bit “bombarded”. My usual creative time and schedule was interrupted and I was really missing the creation factor in my day.

I usually paint or write, or do something that pertains to it five days a week.

Yesterday I woke with unrest in my spirit and some clouds in my mind, and they were not the white billowy kind.

It wasn’t setting well with me the way the day started. Usually when this happens I rush to my chair with my coffee, bible and journal. But distractions came and it seemed like even the boundaries I set were being violated no matter what.

Distractions, even good things can be distractions.

Unnecessary attention from a knock on the door, neighborhood events, phone calls, social media, errands, they can all come at the least expected and uninvited times. That’s just life, right.

I am serious about my time and my space. I have really tried to learn to operate with a heart of honor. Social media in particular makes that hard for us sometimes so we have to be intentional about it.

Do unto others as we would have them do unto us right!? Isn’t that the golden rule. I will be the first to say, I don’t always get it right and I violate that from time to time and it’s usually because we get “comfortable”.

There are things we cannot control but of the things we can, I try and put myself in the other persons shoes.



It was 8:30 pm and I’d had a full day.

I had this internal nervous energy and unrest happening. When everyone else was winding down for the night, I finally felt like I could just breathe! I needed my time with Him in my studio.

I was feeling the pull to my studio space, to create.

I blurt out to my husband “I have to paint, I just have to paint!”

As he always does, he said “do it!”

Gotta love a supportive spouse who cares about your wellbeing and passions!

So I got my headphones, popped on some instrumental music by Ruth Fazal and went to it. Sitting at my table and in front of my easel, I contemplated what to create.

I wasn’t “feeling” brushes nor was I feeling anything of great magnitude to tackle.

I just needed to feel and move paint!

I know, sounds a little odd but it really affects me in a good way.

I was missing my fulfillment factor for the day .CLick here to see my last blog about the 4 factors in creating.

Throughout the day I was pondering my painting process and how it lined up with how my spirit processes and grows. I was reading the book Rooted by Banning Liebscher and he talks about the hidden places where God develops you. Foundations that are laid in our life.

This resonated with me greatly. Last summer I had been studying Genesis 1. I was stuck there! I couldn’t move on. As I prepared and painted, the different phrases from Genesis 1 scripture would run through my mind. Starting with (before) the foundation of the earth, the Spirit hovered over the waters, and He spoke to the void!

So many phrases kept running through my mind. He was wanting me to translate that from my mind and spirit to my co-creating process.

What does this have to do with creating for clarity?

It has everything to do with it!

We have to have a foundation! It is by that foundation that all things come from! Whatever is in you will come out of you. As a man thinketh, right? (Proverbs 23:7)

Why was my mind clouded that day? I don’t believe it was because my foundation was askew, I believe it was because my foundation was challenged.

It is at this place where I can choose to let it get to me or I can take it to the Father! I choose to seek Him and seek Truth!

What would Jesus say and do?

There is too much gray area in the world. I’ve heard people say God does not differentiate but actually in a way He does. Jesus came to not bring peace (even though He is peace) but instead to bring a sword. To divide believer from unbeliever. (Matthew 10:34)

World vs Kingdom…He came to bring Heaven to earth to establish His kingdom.

This was why my mind was clouded and my spirit at unrest. The world, which is gray, came and clouded my mind and troubled my spirit. My internal nervous energy was also spiritual unrest. I had to seek Truth and that place of clarity and rest in my day.

It is essential or it can distract us, derail us leading to doubt and out right paralyze us.

From that inner place of needing to create, it became a place of finding rest and clarity in Him. Resulting in peace and fulfillment.

I honestly cannot explain it, you have to experience it for yourself.

That evening I created a small abstract work, simply inspired by the colors on a piece of jewelry I have.

I simply was creating to quiet and accomplish. As the piece proceeded I saw it in the opposite way I intended. So I turned my piece knowing I was about to “see” something new.

I yielded to what Holy Spirit wanted to say to me. As I quieted my mind and engaged my spirit and hands He spoke…..“When Heaven meets earth”.

That’s it! I saw it. The sky, the glory, the earth. I was creating when heaven meets earth. I was releasing and expressing when heaven meets earth!

It isn’t always a glorious thing when this happens. Heaven meeting earth, can be messy.

That is that battle before the breakthrough kind of moment!

It brings that sword! It divides to unite, with the intent to release and set up His kingdom and for His will to be done. There may be clashing, there may be disagreements, there may be resistance BUT when everything aligns His Glory and purpose can come forth.

I was facing distractions, resistance, and clashing but why??? Because, Heaven was trying to invade my earth, my spirit! AHHHH I love that!

I had to stop and “see that it is good” because it brings growth, upon which my foundation is laid!

Upon finishing my piece I felt at peace, fulfilled and I had accomplished what I sat down to do.

I had created for clarity!

Written by Dionne White

I present you “Heaven Meets Earth”

Acrylic abstract on canvas

pallet knife painting


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