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P.U.S.H. Persevere Until Something Happens

Is this a season of change for you? If so what do you think it is? 

Happy Spring! 

Things are buzzing over here at the “White” House and at Dionne White Art. You can definitely feel change in the air here. I had a friend tell me the other day that she “saw” change around me. I believe she is right! I can definitely feel a bit of what I call “Divine Frustration”. It’s a good thing, but hard to remember that at the time it is happening. I liken it to a sprout trying to come up through the ground and that last layer of earth may be the hardest to push through because there are other roots or rocks in the way. But the sprout knows the only way to go is UP! That is where it is drawn too. That is where the light is. That is where the sounds from the atmosphere are calling to it from. Only so it can come into its full potential. I feel like a Spring Sprout. 🌱 😂 The last 9 months (oh my, I just realized that it has been 9 months 😳)! What else takes 9 months?? 👶🏼 A pregnancy and birth! 😮 Ok, now this is getting exciting! I’m having revelation as I write this! The word “birth” has been all around me since November. I believe I am experiencing birthing pains! That is the “Divine Frustration” I am feeling. I’m moving into my calling even at greater levels. I’m gravitating towards other artists on a similar path. I’m going to the next level. I had such opposition in my mind and art a few weeks ago, but I had breakthrough! The excitement returned as the cobwebs cleared and I was once again envisioning my path! As I sat and aligned with the Lord, seeking Holy Spirit, it all became clear again. What a relief and feeling of victory. There is nothing more frustrating than when you can’t figure out what’s happening and why! Cue song. 🎶I can see clearly now the rain has gone! I can see all the obstacles in my way🎶 I feel so empowered to begin this next season of my life with clarity and great purpose. I truly feel change is happening and new doors will open and new people will come into my life to help me to the next level. The support and encouragement of my close friends has been key. 🔑 I’m so thankful for them. So what is in store for me in this next season. • I have started my second 30” x 40” painting in the Spirit of Kintsugi Series (there will be 9 or more in the series) • I am working on growing connection with my target audience and community. • I am going live once a week to teach my Mini Masterpiece Monday painting class. • I have launched my podcast “Creative Conversations with Dionne White” 

Last but not least  • I am always writing and moving forward with my book ideas. A little at a time. 

So there you have it! A lot in the works but all part of the plan. What are you working on now? I would love to hear! Is this a season of change for you? If so what do you think it is? Please share below!

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