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"POP" of New Beginnings

There is a sound that I call the sound of possibility, the sound of anticipation, the sound of something new birthing!

That sound is the "POP" of the tightly sealed cellophane that wraps the canvas.

A newly opened canvas can be both intimidaitng and exciting.

I get excited about the little things. As I am pressing my finger against the tightly sealed plastic, a mix of emotions bubble up. I absolutely love plunging my finger through to wait for and hear the "POP".

Sound silly? Maybe, but not to me.

This sound means possibility to me.

It means progress to me.

It means that I have chosen to commit to yet another work.

Beginning to end.

Because once I break that seal, for me, there is no turning back.

I have meditated, contemplated, and prepared for this moment.

I look at my gift and talent of painting as a "job". I'm not just talking about a job that pays money or is even my "career" path.

This job for me is different. It is my calling, my assignment. I've been commissioned to "Paint the Promise". It is my passion to spread beauty, light, peace, joy, and healing and I get to do that through my gift called painting.

Today was an exciting day. I broke the seal on a new canvas and prepared to birth my next painting in my "Spirit of Kintsugi" Collection.

For those of you who do not know what Kintsugi is, it is the ancient Japanese art of mending brokenness. The Japanese choose to mend broken objects, sealing it with gold, platinum or silver. The break or flaw becomes part of the character and history of the object as opposed to them disguising the break.

This is the idea behind this collection and all my work really, as gold plays a very big part in my art. As well as it is my connection to an ancient form of art.

It is so satisfying to see the ideas and inspirations that come to my mind and heart manifest before my eyes as I "Paint the Promise".

Maybe you're commissioned assignment is different. I'm sure it is, because we all have different gifts and different stories.

I want to challenge you to think of what you do not so much in the way as just using your gift or talent but that it is actually your job of what you have been put on the earth to do.

Today in my fb live video I shared that this really is a sacred process for me.

I get inspiration and ideas. I get an unction within me to release the message. It is almost like a pulling when the birthing is ready to happen. I can feel the gravitational pull to my canvas. The frustration lies in the fact that I have so much inspiration that I cannot paint it fast enough.

So I journal, sketch, contemplate and meditate on these so I don't lose them. Recording and documenting them and the process in my journal.

I do not journal seperate from sketching anymore. Because it is in this place of quieting my mind to align with my Heavenly Source, that I receive insight into my paintings and writings. I receive direction, inspiration and confirmation.

I encourage you to try journaling together with your sketching. He is in it all and you do not have to seperate it. This is a great place where "flow" can happen, right in your secret place.

I am learning that this "job" is not about me, but more about Him and what He wants to release through me on this earth. It is my prayer that people would view my work and see beauty, joy, hope, healing and most of all Promise! From that place I hope they would find a connection that was meant just for them to receive. I want my artwork to connect us to each other but more so to the Connector!

Get excited about the "POP" in your job. It means new things are about to be birthed!

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