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Creating Atmosphere

As I was preparing for Mini Masterpiece Monday, Week 8, I searched out and studied my subject. I had chosen an image from my good friend and photographer Denny Miller. (With his permission) The Coneflower, also known as Echinacea, stuck out like a solo performer with its bright colors against a blurred out background.

I quieted myself to focus on composition and color, deciding just how I would recreate the image. The image began to “speak” to me. I know it sounds a little strange but I believe it is just a part of the listening part of my craft. My intuitive process kicks in greatly when I become quiet and tune my senses to the task at hand.

Besides listening, I also look to see how I can teach this piece to my viewers and online students.

I try to break down the painting process into practical steps and analogies to help lose the intimidation factor and help them paint step by step from a place of connection. Ultimately resulting in them creating a piece of art from my insight and fine art instruction but encouraging them to use their own creative spin.

Step by Step Live Instruction on Mini Masterpiece Monday

Step by Step Live Instruction on Mini Masterpiece

So what was I seeing and what was it saying?

I saw a ballerina in this flower. A solo act of beauty and design. A well crafted piece of art by The Master Artist.

The Coneflower was tall and thin with colorful, dainty petals topped with a crown.

The petals could mimic a ballerina’s tutu but I actually saw it in a state of surrender. The petals resembling her arms in an out and down motion, with her head high in confidence and surrender.

I saw it as if it was coming across the stage, taking its place in the spotlight, gaining momentum with strength and trust as it leaps and spins.

As artists, it is our responsibility to create atmosphere!

I had to think, how can I create atmosphere for this beautiful flower, allowing it to stand out but also be complimented by the background?

Find a way to quiet yourself and envision the setting coming to a place of connection -then release what you see or feel from the connection.

Consider a theatre production or a ballet, we are creating an atmosphere with a back drop for the “solo act”.

All the parts of the production are important when creating a masterpiece. The back ground or behind the scenes is just as important as the main character.

The piece could stand alone but the impact may not be the same with no backdrop or atmosphere or without the others contributing to the finished work.

This is not only the work of building the composition of the piece but it is also a reflection of our opportunity and responsibility to co-create with God.

As you create the background for your work, think of it as setting the stage for a beautiful “solo act”.

What a privilege we have to bring our own gifts and creative voice to the table and to create atmosphere expressing and displaying God's beauty.

"Golden Dancer" by Dionne White

Golden Dancer painting and original artwork by Dionne White

"Now, here she stood, so poised on stage, I watched with joy, disbelief and dazed."

Mamta Agarwal

from - A Ballerina wins my heart

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