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A Prayer for Purposed Steps

I have gotten in a discipline of prayer for my days over the years. It started long ago but It seemed to be really fueled in 2016 after my transforming encounters with the Lord.

I would notice on some days when I prayed this intentionally it truly would manifest...I would see God’s hand on my day and encounters. I believe angels are dispatched when I would pray it because it was...

1. Scripture (angels do His word)

2. About His heart and purposes being fulfilled (Seeking Him First)

3. For His glory (about Him not me)

4. Part of fulfilling my purpose (co-laboring with Him - fulfilling my scroll)

I’m going to type out the general dialogue. You fashion it how you feel led for you. You can even personalize it.

I challenge you to start your day with this and incorporate it into your daily prayer. Watch what happens.

Daily Prayer of Purposed Steps

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Thank you for your grace and mercy today. Thank you for the honor and privilege to serve You and walk with you. I fully submit my heart, soul, dreams, ideas and desires to You. I ask you to take them and give them back to me as Yours. I want Your heart, mind, dreams, ideas and desires.

I commit my ways, my wanderings, my words, my gifts, my talents, my money, my travels, my relationships, my conversations and encounters to You today. Spirit lead me where you want me to go. Direct my steps, my car, my conversations, and all my dealings. All for the purposes of Christ Jesus, and the advancement of His kingdom and for Your glory.

Lord, Your word says as I trust, dwell, feed, delight in You and fear you — You will make it come to pass—Your desires and Your plans of righteousness and justice will come forth in my life. I commit my ways to You and YOU WILL DIRECT MY PATH and lead me in paths of righteousness for Your Names sake.

Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me into all Truth as I go. Thank you heavenly Father for giving your angels charge over me and keeping me in all my ways. Thank you for giving me your supernatural assistance of the Holy Spirit and angels to aid me to accomplish all You put before me and have planned for me.

Holy Spirit I yield myself to you for your purposes today and expect supernatural encounters and divine connections today. May doors of destiny be opened and doors of calamity and destruction be closed over my life —

In Jesus’s name.

Amen. I want to hear your testimonies. If you begin praying this prayer and see results please let me know what God does!


Dionne White



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