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Build the Memorial- Your NEXT awaits.


Someone needs to read this and apply this biblical instruction to their life today.

Your NEXT season awaits you but the past will always keep you in neutral.

God reminded me of this blog/devotional I wrote over a year ago. As we traveled to Moravian Falls yesterday we had to pass through a region where I had lived prior to meeting my husband Will. That region held some memories of very uncertain, lonely and heartbreaking times of my life. But it also reminded me of the FAITHFULNESS OF THE LORD THROUGH PROVISION AND PROTECTION AND WHERE I CONTINUED MY PURSUIT OF HIM. It was good to drive through and thank God for all of this.

Here is the blog from June of 2019.


Around a month ago the Lord led me on a drive. It was a beautiful day and I thought why not! I love to drive, pray, worship and talk to Him, so this was nothing new for me until I felt the area He was leading me to. My breathing got deep and I felt a little fear come over me.

As I traveled the country road of where He was leading me, I knew exactly where He was taking me. I began to choke up. Memories flooded my mind, feelings of hurt and betrayal swelled in the way of tears. I had already forgiven what seemed to be 10.000 times over but sometimes, just sometimes that sting returns and that revealing is always for the purpose of healing. (Jesus did give us a heart of flesh and a soul with emotions so we should feel things!)

He said this was something I had to do in order to find closure in a particular area for the full release of healing in my heart and move forward into the season He was calling me to. It had been years since that season but the Holy Spirit came on me in power and courage. He allowed me to face it this day.

I remember that the Lord had me reading about Joshua, stones of remembrance and even spiritual covenant memorials.

He said "That is what you need to do. Build a spiritual memory memorial. Marking this place as a representation of a chapter closed and a new beginning. You need to recall and see just how far you have come, see I was there with you, know that I delivered you, and you crossed on that dry ground. I held back the waters so you would not drown."

I felt like I was gonna drown in my own tears at that moment but instead words of thanks and praise departed from my lips as I recalled His goodness. I recognized the past and the pain but I put it in its place to build a spiritual memorial of victory. It turned from sadness and hurt immediately to joy and a moment of powerful declaration.

I wasn't facing a giant or a demon but instead recognizing that seasons do come to an end. Sometimes with good endings and some times not so good but HE WORKS ALL THINGS TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO LOVE HIM AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE>

I felt such an incredible release as I envisioned literally building a memorial in that place. Blessing the land and the people and thanking Him for all He did in that season. I truly felt it closed that "wound" in my heart and He was now saying "Ok NOW we can move on!"

I share this because I feel we run from our pain and never put it in its proper place. You all know that God has commissioned me to always speak life and paint the promise. But I don't do that without first recognizing the past or the pain. Because those things have to go! We have to put it in its proper place.

(I want to point out the tender and patient way God deals with us. I write about this in The Art of Freedom and explain the process of the restoring of our hearts.)

I encourage you to take those stones that people have thrown, the ones that have tripped you up or you've built around your heart –– taking them down one by one and build a spiritual memorial just like I did metaphorically that day. Take them like Joshua did and place them in the river where the Lord paved the way for you on the dry ground delivering you as he held back the water.

It is my prayer that with this vulnerable post you would face "that season" and allow God to say CASE CLOSED once and for all. I believe the Holy Spirit will help you build your spiritual memorial and you will shout for victory.

I prophesy over you right now for chains to fall, walls to crumble and seasons to be closed in Jesus Name. That you will move forward in power, courage, and joy! Recalling and Shouting victory all the way!!! You will move into new realms of purpose and ministry. You will impact people in the very realm where the enemy told you that you were not good enough. He thought his lies were loud enough to deafen you to the cry of God's heart for you but he is exposed tonight in Jesus Name and I say YOU WILL RISE AND REIGN WITH HIM!!! YOU WILL RUIN SATAN'S PLANS AND SOAR ON PURPOSE in Jesus Name. NOW IS THE SEASON TO SET UP THAT MEMORIAL, bringing full closure to those places of pain BECAUSE GOD NEEDS YOU TO MOVE FORWARD! WALK ON THOSE ROCKS, USE THEM AS A PATH TO PURPOSE> IN JESUS NAME!


Dionne White



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