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I had a vision last night in prayer. I saw as we were isolated and locked down in homes with limited public interaction that angels were going in and out of hospital rooms healing people.

As I prayed into this the vision continued and I could now see a running image reel in the spirit. I saw angels going in and out of hospital rooms and laying hands on people’s chests. And as they did this instant healing was happening. I saw men and women in green or blue hospital gowns rise up out of the bed gasping with new breath. Their lungs had opened and the ruach breath of God was filling their lungs. They were instantly being healed. Immediately the Spirit reminded me of a vision God gave me to go with the word he gave me for - “March is a shift month.”

(read word here )

The vision was a female representing the bride of a Christ buried in dirt and suffocating. The hand of God began to clear away the debris and dead things and she burst forth out of the dirt gasping for air. This was the double image I had as I saw the angels laying hands on the sick and they would raise up and burst forth with breath.

I continued to pray and call forth the healing agreeing with heaven. I heard the Spirit say “Satan thought he was dividing and isolating us to conquer us but his plan is turning on him. We are uniting in our homes and strengthening families and the Unit of God. No lockdown or isolation can contain the Spirit of God or his healing angels.”

I continued to pray and the vision continued and I saw angels going into children’s rooms in the hospital. I heard they were sick with cancer. I saw that and knew that there would be testimonies coming from children that they would have angelic encounters and live to tell about them. I saw joy filling these children.

While I was praying live with some friends over this I called this out for us to agree and said how I had seen the children being visited by angels they were going to be healed. I particularly saw blood issues like leukemia being healed by the blood of Jesus. I do not share this lightly. I understand the seriousness yet boldness of this word.

But There was a grace for miracles being released across the globe. I knew there was a healing decree going out.

I also believe this had a two fold meaning behind the Resuscitation of the bride of Christ. 

So tonight I prophesy we are going to see miracles upon miracles happening SUDDENLY in hospitals where limited visitation has been enforced and where there is not enough care available for the demand of the sick and need right now. God is sending out His healing angels to go in and out of hospital rooms to touch those in need of a miracle. His host of angels are not contained by this pandemic. It has only created an opportunity for Him to bring forth signs and wonders of miracles for the world’s good and His glory. His ruach breath is about to fill individual lungs full of new life and HIS NEW ERA CHURCH is coming alive. THIS IS THE REVIVING OF THE BRIDE!

We agree with heaven tonight and say “LET IT BE SO In the name of Jesus.” Amen.

Dionne White


I first had the vision on 3/26/2020 around 7:30 Pm EST in US and then was in intercession praying about 1:30 am EST US On 3/27/2020 when I had the fullness of it.


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