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Updated: Apr 12, 2023


Recently the Holy Spirit has revealed to me and my husband in our private prayer ministry calls that there are many that God has marked to carry a mantle of wealth before they were born. The mantle of wealth they are called to carry is for the purposes of expanding and advancing the kingdom of God. It is to occupy territory in houses, land, and business. Then from their wealth, their possessions, and their resources they can fund the kingdom of God. They will also be gifted in certain skills and wisdom for strategy and aiding ministry and business.

Yet because of this mantle and anointing on their life there has been demonic assignments assigned to them to physically take out their life or physically incapacitate them. Along with other things to keep them from stepping into their God given destiny. But the pattern I am seeing in the spirit realm is an attempt on people lives from a young age including abortion. So many babies that are terminated are carrying weighty kingdom assignments and one of those is wealth. Satan knows the power of money. Money equals control. He corrupts people’s hearts and uses wealthy people to carry out his demonic and corrupt agenda in the earth. Satan KNOWS wealth will advance the kingdom of God!

Unfortunately, the spirit of religion and poverty IN THE CHURCH has been an enemy to these people who are marked and mantled for wealth. They are trying to kill their brethren by slandering and accusing them of greed or carrying a prosperity message.

Unfortunately, people under the spirit of religion in the church throw stones at those who believe in prosperity for God’s people and the mantle of wealth. “Be poor and be more like Jesus” they preach which is a false statement and lie from the pit of hell. Lack is not in the kingdom of God or in Heaven. God did not design us to live in lack or a poverty mentality.

You, Brethren who do this, are an enemy to the kingdom of God if you are speaking against prosperity.

Nothing goes far with no money! Try driving your car on an empty tank. It’s not happening. God has given us the ability to get wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18.

It even says in Proverbs 8:20 - 21

“I traverse the way of righteousness, In the midst of the paths of justice, That I may cause those who love me to inherit wealth, That I may fill their treasuries.”

That is plain as day from the word of God. He wants to prosper and bless us to be a wealthy people so we can be a blessing and help fund and advance the kingdom of.

Again, I say there are people who God is revealing in this very hour that you have been marked from before you were born to carry a mantle of wealth. Satan would love nothing more than to take you out or incapacitate you so you cannot fulfill that call and leave you frustrated and surviving instead of thriving.

I pray that if this is you that the Lord would right now reveal this to you. That He would show you that He has marked you for the mantle of wealth and how to steward it. I pray that every demonic assignment sent against your life to cripple you and your finances be exposed now in Jesus' name. May God give you the spirit of wisdom to know how to break the legal assignments in the courts of heaven enabling you to step into your destiny in your books. May the spirit of tenacity rise up in you like a fiery inferno to go after it until it is captured and in your possession to carry.


Lord, let those who are marked for greatness and mantled of wealth be revealed in these days.

Cut off the devourer!

Stop the demonic destruction!

Break off the word curses!

Render them powerless!

Where the enemy and thief has been exposed and caught, we pray Righteous Judge that You would prosecute this evil spirit of death and sabotage which is an enemy of the gospel and the kingdom of God. We call for a sevenfold return of substance to the people he has stolen from. And we call for a repayment for the damages he has caused —physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and financially. I also pray that the character of Your people who have been slandered would be restored and honored where curses have been spoken over them regarding their lives and prosperity! We ask for the blood of Jesus to speak a better word for them now!

We pray, you Lord, would usher in this mantle of wealth swiftly in the lives of your people so Your kingdom can be advancing and expanded in the earth for the days ahead.

No more time lost!

No more delay!

Let Your will be done In Jesus name, amen.

Dionne White



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