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Oppression vs. Depression -A Personal Testimony

Just a little testimony and crash course on OPPRESSION vs. DEPRESSION.

Oppression is external (this is Spiritual)

Depression is internal (it can be in your soul or physiologically)

The Psalmist David said why are you so downcast my soul? This was a SOUL issue not a chemical imbalance issue.

Psalm 43:5

Why am I so depressed? Why this turmoil within me? Put your hope in God, for I will still praise Him, my Savior and my God. (Holman Christian Bible)


Years ago I was set free from “depression” and God revealed to me that In 2001 when I was “diagnosed “ with depression but I was not actually depressed. It was right after 9/11 I became “traumatized” as did the rest of America - Listen carefully.

They could not find a prescription drug to help me. Because of MISDIAGNOSIS AND WRONG MEDS I ended up with no memory for one month. No motivation and drive another 3 months -started gaining weight excessively - and had to quit my full time career because of the work load and meds. I couldn’t comprehend things anymore. I acquired insomnia and felt like a walking zombie. I lost a very good paying career.

I WAS NOT depressed. I had suffered soul trauma and was oppressed by the spirits of fear, chaos and terrorism in our country surrounding 9/11. This was on top of unresolved generational spirits and residual soul (emotional) issues from years past.

Eventually I did become depressed because I had lost life and purpose as I knew it and THEN my chemicals were screwed up because of wrong medications.

I am convinced the chemicals made me depressed. (Side note - Did you know 90% of serotonin is created in your digestive tract. Not your brain!)


No more meds. “Depression” free. OPPRESSION FREE! The Spirit of infirmity gone as well!

It was overnight deliverance! Those who knew me - saw immediate change and knew this was true. The glory of God now resided in my soul and on my face. The LIGHT HAD RETURNED!

I start ministering to others with the same issues.

One day I’m praying “on behalf” of a lady’s daughter. The mother was standing in for her. She told me the symptoms the daughter had. Insomnia, loss of zeal, loss of purpose and “depression”.

I start praying with this mother and the Holy Spirit stops me and says so clearly. “She is not depressed. She is oppressed!”

From what? I didn’t know. I told the mother and a light went off - her eyes got really wide. What I said completely resonated with her. She said. I think you’re right.

We proceeded to pray on behalf of her daughter. She took home a cloth that was anointed and prayed over and gave it to the Father. She felt the spiritual authority in the home should lay the prayer cloth on her and pray over her.

I was told the daughter had some improvement BEFORE the father’s prayer but after the prayer and anointed prayer cloth she was completely set free.

The daughter fully recovered.

I teach the Art of Freedom Paradigm©️. What is that? Essentially it is the order of how things happen and affect us in our life. It is also the order in which we can break and reverse things in life.

Things birthed in the Spirit, Process through and affect our soul and then manifest in us physically in the brain and body.

Maybe this testimony and teaching was for you!

Examine your soul, emotional wounds, unresolved trauma, soul ties, and what you are feeding your mind.

Are you seeking Him first? (Matthew 6:33) This is the first step to setting the Art of Freedom in place in your life. We must break curse cycles and repair and care for our soul.





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