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Stay True - God Shall Deliver


Stay true - God shall deliver!!

Did you know the prophet Daniel was a governor for a corrupt and Babylonian king, Darius? This Babylonian king thought to give him rule over the whole realm! He had favor with God and man! How does that happen? Only by the Spirit of God. The king was even influenced by the Spirit of God in his thoughts and didn’t know it! It was Daniel’s (godly and holy) excellent spirit, honor, integrity and character that spoke for him. He excelled and like Joshua and Caleb, Daniel was of a different spirit- a Holy Spirit!

Unfortunately the other Governors did not like the favor he was receiving and plotted against him.

Daniel Chapter 6 is a perfect example of how the enemy works to seek out and find fault to use it against you. Especially when you are favored and excelling in your life and calling.

When your life is marked with destiny and greatness in God the unregenerated and jealous ones will seek to devour and destroy you.

This is like the devil, your adversary, who prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8)He will seek to find fault or some charge against you to bring you to ruins. If he cannot find anything you can be sure he will plant a snare so that you may be found trapped and possibly taken by it. He will go to the effort to set you up so that you can be found at fault and guilty. That is all he needs to begin to build a legal case against you and cause destiny to begin to resist you.

Thankfully Daniel was found without fault or legal charges BUT the enemy did set a trap for him and was able to “charge” him and put him into prison in the lions den.

In Psalm 91 it says “Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler…”

God recently confirmed and expanded on that verse in a dream. In my dream I encountered a witch who forced her way into a shop I was tending to and I called 911 (psalm 91 🙂).

She waltzed through the store I was in charge of not listening to my demand to leave until I used a “legal action” against her. I told her we were closed and I had called 911.

Meaning that I had called on God and His angels enforcing HIS LAW. She then tried to set a stumbling block (a big black iron dumbbell) in the aisle and in my way. I SAW IT IMMEDIATELY and MOVED IT, knowing someone would hit it, trip and hurt themselves. I then drove her out with authority and truth (God’s law). She went!

I will have you know that the morning I had that dream a snare came that same day. I was made aware of it before I had a conversation with someone. When I was engaged in the conversation the person was using “leading” questions I felt was trying to lure me into a trap of offense. I immediately saw before me the big black iron dumbbell that was in my dream and I knew God was saying, “Here it is. I warned you.” I was prepared and I changed the subject and was able to avoid stepping into that trap! Glory to God!

The word snare in both Hebrew (H6351 pach) and Greek means a device like a spring net or thin metal to form a trap. It means to entangle or even to plot. It is a calamity or the source of a calamity. This trap is set and plotted to catch you in it but also to entrap you into fault. Witchcraft is one of the most common ways these snares are set. And offense is set as a stumbling block to trip you up to fall into the trap.

This is what happened to Daniel.

Unfortunately they conspired against Daniel and set a firm Royal statute (a written law passed by legislative body) and released a firm decree (an official order issued by a legal authority).

It was a trap Daniel could not avoid but because he stayed true to God, God then protected and delivered him. Even Darius believed Daniel’s God would deliver him.


Let me just say - I’m so thankful God reveals my traps to me ahead of time. Whether that be in dreams, visions or personal words.

I began praying psalm 91 years ago and I would often say. “Lord show me any snares that are set for me today so I can be prepared to avoid falling into them! I want to remain faultless and blameless before you! Send your angels to go now to spoil and remove any traps laid for me.”

Sometimes they are removed. Sometimes they are seen and I know to avoid them. It’s an opportunity for me to operate in His strength and grace displaying the fruit of the Spirit. It’s said we become what we behold. There is great truth in that but God has shown me in addition to what we behold we must practice - We don’t become unless we practice what we behold. We must practice the ways of the Master.

He has done it time and time again. I have avoided many traps set by the enemy through others because of acts and motives through witchcraft. Be aware, be vigilant in seeing and discerning the traps laid for you.

I encourage you to pray the same as I have in agreement with Psalm 91. It will save you time and time again and keep you free from fault and blameless before God.

There are so many lessons in this one chapter of Daniel regarding the time we are living in and what we are about to see God do on behalf of His people (he’s actually already doing it).

Be encouraged the Deliverer is at work and has placed us among the cultures of the nations to be His governors to deliver others!



November 16, 2021


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