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The Armor of God and Slaying your giant!

The Armor of God and Slaying your giant!

by Dionne White

Wounded, bloody and scarred. This may sound like the outcome of a battle scene of war but it’s actually our spirits. The Lord showed me that our hearts are sick with a spiritual cancer. The enemy who comes to steal, kill, and destroy has used the same tactics from the beginning of time to do this very thing. He has distorted the Word of God, deceiving people since Adam and Eve. How is it that by changing one word or the delivery of that word could cause such damage? He’s crafty and that’s about all I’ll give him. He knows what to say and how to say it to tickle our ears and engage the sin nature of our hearts. If his weapon is words, then we fight with the same weapon in return. Except our word weapon is The Word of God. Combatting lies with truth, untwisting the enemy’s words. When something is twisted in the natural, say a shirt that you’ve washed and you twist it to wring out the water. If that shirt stays twisted you cannot see the full design or nature of the shirt. It must be untwisted to recognize the pattern and design it was created to be. Only by untwisting the truth will we see clearly.

This happened over and over again in the Bible. Jesus would engage with people and help them to understand the truth. Not just the truth that they needed to believe in Him and receive Him to enter the kingdom of Heaven, but to become whole and healed. He would ask questions to get people to untwist the way they thought. For instance, take the lame man at the pool of Bethesda, the man was ill for over 30 years due to a thought process he had. Immediately he felt defeated when He couldn’t make it to the pool first.

Was the pool for believers or unbelievers? Because when Jesus asked him “do you want to be well?’ He challenged him to search for that deep truth within himself. I believe that because He encountered truth and he wanted to become well that He was healed. Simply the words of our Lord caused the man to search his heart. Yes, he wanted to be well and upon Jesus’ command, he arose and walked. So what is it that the enemy has been prodding you with? What lies have you believed? How are they relating to your spiritual cancer?

No one gets bloody and scarred by standing behind the front lines of war. Anyone who suffers from wounds have been in the action of the battle. These wounds of generations, heartbreak, loss and un-forgiveness lead to “Spiritual Cancer”. In my life I’ve found that un-forgiveness and bitterness are two major spiritual cancer causes. Just as a doctor would give you an action plan to treat an illness, so does the Lord have one as well for the sickness of our hearts. Any physical illness is a result of something. It doesn’t just “happen”. So let me ask you.. what is it that you are suffering with?

Is it a genetic disease that has come down through your family tree? Is it an illness caused by an external toxin that was out of your control? Or maybe it is manifesting because of your lifestyle choices. Whatever the illness, your body, mind and heart are all grounds for a “spiritual cancer” to take root and grow. If it is your lifestyle choices, then change them. If it is emotional wounds then let’s get those healed. If it is a generational illness then let's get that broken.

I’ve been a victim of generational thinking, illness and emotional illness. Giving my heart to my Lord Jesus was my avenue to healing for all the areas of my life. Giving your heart over to the Lord isn’t an ends to a means its only the beginning. Jesus and HIS Word is the action plan we need to defeat the Giants that we face. The Lord gives us the Armor of God and it is our responsibility to put it on and walk in it. Putting on the Armor of God isn’t just a mental exercise, it is a spiritual belief! It is foundational in protecting us against the enemy. We must be equipped to fight when the attack comes but in the mean time we prepare and equip ourselves for those attacks. In Hebrews 4:12 the Bible says, “For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

In this season more than ever it is crucial we have an action plan to refute and defeat the enemy. We must know the Giver of The Word and know The Word, to destroy the works of the enemy. Our action plan is to partner with the Lord and to deliver the Truth at every opportunity! It’s time to suit up for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal!

Dionne White



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