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The Reset is in the Surrender

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

A word by Dionne White

Do you feel like you are in a MAJOR reset? Well, join a multitude of others who are in the exact same place of “surrendering, dying and resetting”.

The purpose is so God can resurrect the right, purpose and presence filled things in our lives! Those things that will bring forth GOOD AND RIGHT FRUIT for our good and the greater cause of His kingdom!

What is the Lord asking you to surrender in this season of your life? I encourage you to give it all to him as seeds and let Him bury them and resurrect what He desires for you to have and do.

Let him reset you!

Let him water, nurture and breathe resurrection life into those things that will only serve His kingdom and you fruitfully in the years to come! I can absolutely tell you that He is in the letting go! 💯

Something he taught me years ago was that the reset is in the surrender. I live in a state of constant surrender. It’s a practice I do intentionally, especially with my heart. But some seasons call for greater surrenders than others. Can you let go of that thing you built? That relationship you cultivated and counted on! That idea that you knew was from Him? Can you surrender it all back to Him and say “do what YOU want to do with it all Lord!”

Can you do that?

Surrender all your “seeds” to Him and let him bury them. Then yield to the work of the Holy Spirit in the process of the reset by way of dying to those things and resting in the process of the resurrection!

As the Master Gardener He gets to decide what grows and blooms and what doesn’t. He knows what is best for us.

More on this prophetic word and process to come.

Be empowered and allow yourself to surrender for the reset!

- Dionne White



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