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When I saw Jesus


💛When I saw Jesus💛

When I think of Jesus and his image the picture below is the closest I’ve been able to find that matches what I have seen in my Spirit encounters with him. It is a digital rendering of “the shroud” impressions.

In my enlightened opinion He is not like most Hollywood movies or even The Chosen portray him to look. In 1996 - just under 1 year after I had my born again conversion I “saw” him - I was alone worshipping in my apartment in North Carolina at the time. He would “show” himself to me in the Spirit while in prayer from time to time over those “single and seeking” years. So during that time I was led to draw Jesus from my minds eye. From what I remember the image I drew then is very much like the image below. Before I even began to have a “history” with him.

It was a time in my life that I was going through a lot. I was living in a new state, in an emotionally abusive and neglected marriage - going through a separation and divorce, and I was learning “how” to be a Christian.

God faithfully put Christians in my path to help me through those times- I had met them at or through my work. He truly provided for me everything I needed and then some. His grace was so amazing as I was trying to figure out “how to not live like the world”. But yet I tried to find a church that would accept me because I was soon to be a divorced young woman. I was seen probably with the scarlet “A” on my chest. I didn’t care. I was saved and forgiven seeking to know my savior even more. So I moved on to the next until God blessed me with a Spiritual mom and her example of love and freedom in Christ taught me so much and made me so hungry for him.

I wanted to share the image below because I believe this is a VERY close rendering to what He looks like. It matches what I saw as a young woman in the empty apartment in 1996 -1998 — and when I say empty - I mean empty. I had next to no furnishings but He eventually provided for me. So I’d spend my nights in worship and prayer in an “empty” apartment.

Then on June 2, 2021 I had another profound encounter that only a few know about…until now - I was transported by the spirit some where while I was sleeping and my daughter accompanied me. “We went up” from my bedroom and then arrived outside a building that had huge white columns on a patio.

Then I saw Him sitting off at a distance in a field with a group of others at dawn. They were sitting in chairs shaped in an oval and talking in this field. He was sitting “at the head” of the oval. There was no table or anything. Just them in the chairs. I’d say there were 10-12 people.

I didn’t want to interrupt but looked out from behind a column. I traced his profile with my eyes and said in the “dream” “THAT’S JESUS” as I gasped for air! And as soon as I said that he turned and looked and saw it was me, locked eyes with me and he immediately got up and ran towards me with his hair, tunic and shaw flapping in the breeze.

I stepped out from behind the column into the field and he came to me with arms open and laughing with joy and embraced me. The encounter came to an end after that and I woke up weeping.

He was beautiful!

He exuded Joy, happiness, fullness of life, peace, laughter, security, and so much more. He exuded the complete definition of BEAUTY.

He is BEAUTIFUL. This is how I remember my Savior and King.

In Ancient Greek the word GOOD -kalokagathos

means beautiful and encompasses meanings equivalent to English "good", "noble", and "handsome". A complete uprightness and virtuous.

So today I remember my BEAUTIFUL JESUS ON THIS GOOD “BEAUTIFUL” FRIDAY. Let us see THE BEAUTY he exudes in all ways and behold that.

I feel today was the right day to release this truth and my encounter.


I share this to urge you to seek Him. To look for Him. To wait on Him. He will leave the crowd to come for you!

Let this spur your heart on towards a journey of longing to see him!

Happy Good and Beautiful Friday.




The only thing I will say that is different from my encounters and this image is that in his glorified state encounters with me were his eyes were like blue water/glass. So pure and loving!

I’m looking for an image of what I drew almost 3 decades ago but have not found it yet. The artwork was framed and I gifted it away back then.

Digital Image source from google.


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