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Winds Have Shifted in Your Favor! It's Time to Call on the Harvesting Angels

Winds Have Shifted in Your Favor! It's Time to Call on the Harvesting Angels

Dionne White

We are about to experience a SURGE OF SOULS for the Kingdom. There is a season of harvest upon us and we need to be calling on the ministering angels of the harvest to go and retrieve the souls destined to enter the Kingdom in this season. These souls, as well as the souls who already know Him, are being marked and reawakened for revival and renewal! This is an awakening harvest and a salvation harvest.

I see a SURGE of SOULS--both new born again Believers and a mass amount of religious orphans--coming to the Lord and coming into their identity. There is a busyness happening in the spirit realm. Winds of the Spirit have shifted in our favor. The angels are on the move. There is a spiritual nesting that has been happening for the past three years in preparation for NOW. There has been preparation for the NEWLY BORN that are coming. Like a mother nesting in preparation for the NEWBORN, she knows what is coming and is both anxious and excited. She gets busy prepping. She preps herself and the environment for the newborn. The atmosphere and culture must be right to bring it into place to THRIVE.

We are like nesting mothers and need to be prepping. There has been such a huge spirit of distraction in every way against the Body of Christ: confusion, chaos, static in mentality and even doctrinal understanding! The enemy has tried every trick he has--any way he could get you distracted. But this is a season of exposure of him and his ways. He is being silenced and your clarity is returning. Layers upon layers of veils are being lifted off of Believers who have been blinded. Layers upon layers of veils are being lifted to expose the corruption both in the Church and in the world. It’s time to SEE and BELIEVE. IT IS TIME TO SPEAK WHAT YOU BELIEVE and then LIVE IN THE REALITY OF THAT!

Our preparation is a time of consecration. A calling and hiding away to be able to BE IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF IT. Prepping and equipping ourselves in this season is a must so that we can deliver the Gospel wherever we go and walk in our assignments well. This is crucial for the advancing of the Kingdom of God.

It’s time to call in your personal harvest and the harvest for the Kingdom of God.

Call on your angels of the harvest. Tell them to go and reap all that has been sown. Everything that has been watered and grown is ready! Take the sickle in your hand and by your word call in the harvest. There is grace and favor on the season to do this now. Call in the harvest for everything that you have sown for the Kingdom, and call in all that is to be redeemed that was stolen. The Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not want! Dispatch the angels of the harvest and call it in.

Father, we thank you for the SURGE OF SOULS that are going to come in this season! May we as your children and watchman steward our time well and be responsible in prepping ourselves and preparing the way for others. May we understand the urgent timing on this word and the necessity to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We say, "YES," Father, to hosting and cultivating Your presence and atmosphere that will welcome in the SURGE of SOULS coming into Your Kingdom. May we love well and be the light You have called us to be. May the Holy Spirit come in fire and power for such a time as this to save and awaken souls!

We declare and decree these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Genesis 8:20-22 (covenant promises - harvest).

Ezekiel 33:3 (responsibility - invitation to salvation).

Jeremiah 33:3 (call to Him - Secret Place).

Proverbs 10:5 (know the season).

Psalm 23 (we shall not lack!).

Dionne White

November 6, 2019


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